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The h·om marketplace is the ultimate destination to shop one-of-a-kind products designed to evoke joy and enhance your well-being.

Within our curated selection, each black-owned business contributes its own vibe and offerings, crafting an ensemble of unparalleled quality and diversity. These vendors represent the essence of our ethos, infusing our platform with purpose and vitality. It is our wish that while you're in our h·om, you discover treasures that not only bring you joy, but also remind you that you are innately valuable and innately worthy!

  • Art prints, candles

    Experience the one-of-a-kind essence of prominent black celebrities through these hand-drawn, Art Nouveau art prints and candles.

    📦Ships from Portland

    💼No refunds or exchanges

    📅Processing & shipping time: 3-7 business day

  • Candles

    This woman-owned candle company creates Odor Eliminator Candles, crafted with care to bring a touch of nature into your space. Each candle is a fusion of botanical fragrances and odor-eliminating agents.

    🎖️Veteran-owned brand

    📦Ships from Florida

    💼No refunds or exchanges

    📅Processing & shipping times: 3-10 business days

  • Art prints

    The artist's classical training shines brightly in how they incorporate their black experience into their oil paintings. The work delves deep into Afro Caribbean and African American culture, exploring connections and empowering the position of a black woman as the author, reclaiming the narrative through her compositions.

    📦Ships from South Carolina

    💼No refunds or exchanges

    📅Processing & shipping times: 3-7 business days

    👩🏾 Black woman owned business

  • Herbal teas

    Musicalitea is a premium loose and herbal tea retailer offering custom teablends. Tea paired with music creates a zen atmosphere, with each tea selected to suit different moods.

    🎖️Veteran-owned brand

    📦Ships from Florida

    💼No refunds or exchanges

    📅Processing & shipping times:All orders ship within a minimum of 5-7 business days

  • Art prints, home decor

    Captivate the essence of the African Diaspora with these art pieces inspired by the artist's Carribean-American roots. Each piece intricately weaves a unique story, celebrating beauty and resilience.

    📦Ships from Texas

    💼No refunds or exchanges

    📅Processing & shipping times: 3-10 business days. Each print is made to order.

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