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What is


A wellness marketplace for black folks.

Birthed from the idea that we are all innately valuable, h·om was created to enhance the lives and well-being of black people.

Our focus is straightforward: We aim to offer tools and resources related to improving the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial wellness of the black community.

How we're different

h·om offers a safe & convenient way to shop for wellness related products created by black people, for black people — that's a win-win in our book!

  • Quality

    At h·om, we truly believe that we are all born innately valuable and innately worthy, and that motto inspires us to show up for you, daily. You deserve the best, so we're gonna offer the best. Get ready to level-up your life. Period. 🚀 #TopNotchTreatment

  • Authenticity

    In a world where the voices of black people have been hushed for far too long, h·om consistently shows up as a welcoming haven. It's the go-to spot for black folks to claim their space, shine brightly, and embark on a journey of growth. 🌟 #InclusivityWin

  • Intentionality

    We're on a mission to boost the black experience, not throw roadblocks in its way! Picture us as the meticulous guardians of good vibes— always being thoughtful when it comes to selecting the best products and suppliers to work with. ✨ #IntentionIsEverything